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In Between, The Charred Soul and A Mirage

In Between

Clutching the thought, fist tight
Walking on a cloudy night,
my surprise
bouncing halos of the lamplight
projects the lonely shadow, 
I realize

I’m, one with the dust 
and two with the light
The shadow smirks 
and I grin at the thought
Oh! sweet mystery of life.

In between the raindrops,
touched, yet untouched feelings
the spaces between,
time exists
and fades away.

Do you know when exactly the winter ends
And the spring begins?
Hard to decipher, the ‘in betweens’
hate fades and love begins,
darkness dissolves and light seeps in
The space between, the end
And a new beginning.

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Charred soul, charcoal
Heart in the respite of all, senses
The ever impending force, churning
The moles, spitting every atom 
of breath, coalesce the dust, turn
Moribund into Diamond!

There, there, little soul, you did it
did fight the crysome fear 
and mold the tearsome try, amorph
The vested ounce of everything
Turn rubble into the mountain,
Your flag!

Did a little deed, need a little
seed to shine the lustre in your soul
here, here you go, dust your eye
graphite at heart,
Deflect what they throw,
The light is beautiful,
learn to
Diffract the blow!

Don’t leave any tables unturned
Flip them, every chance you get
Just you must, trust the way you grow,
sow the seeds for tomorrow
in the box of the omniverse,
you never know,
where you’re bound to go!
Transformation" giclée print | Joyce Huntington Art

Strange weather in my room!

This room longs for air
You breathed, soul in me
Now alone, I paint colors of wonder
Spring, you brought in my life
resurrecting the fallen leaves
off the branches, a long time ago

Could have been the rain 
followed by pain
that crushed 
my soul into a puddle of mud
like petrichor colors the air
spreading the aura of hopefulness
there’s always a rainbow after the rain!
Soon, the monsoon goes away.

Autumn falls and so do I,
fall for you
Oblivious to
the fainted drops of rain still
left behind in these pleading eyes

Cold I was, not of Winter
Shivering core, splintered dreams
Shaking hopes of distant warmth
Far but unreachably near,
I see You!

Sunlit backdrop illuminates
Culminates the shape of you
Ticking of the clock, wait
Is over, pour over me,
Like a mirage in a desert
Quench the thirst of summer.
New hope by Jacqueline Hoebers (2018) : Painting Oil on Linen - Singulart

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