There are many coincidences that keep on happening in my life. And yet another one here. I prepared 17 questions for our FICTION DESIGNER. And in reply, I got – “Dear Shreeju! Why 17 questions? Is it because 17 is my favourite number?” I was just still with jaw opened for some time and smiled. 😁😁 Anyway, let’s be on topic.

1. Most of your readers imagine the colour black with your name. What might be the reason?
⇒ BLACK refers to darkness. Since I am a lover of darkness, Black reflects in my writing.

2. Incase if BLACK wasn’t in existence, from which colour NAGARKOTI’s readers would remember him?
⇒ Yellow.

3. Which movie quaked your mind recently?
⇒ BORGMAN. A Dutch psychological thriller.

4. Which book are you reading?
⇒ Yesterday I was the Moon. A poetry anthology by Noor Unahar. She is from Karachi, Pakistan.

5. Which genre of literature allures you the most?
⇒ Psychological, philosophical and spiritual books.

6. Favourite Place?
⇒ My own reading room which I call GUFA, cafes and foggy jungles.

7. Favourite Dish?
⇒ Whatever, except green vegetables.

8. Favourite Actor?
⇒ Nana Patekar.

9. Favourite Director?
⇒ Andrei Tarkovsky or Abbas Kiarostami, a bit confused.

10. Favourite Writer?
⇒ Jorge Luis Borges.

11. Favourite Painter?
⇒ Jackson Pollock.

12. Most preferable attire?
⇒ Sorry. I don’t like the question.

13. What’s your view on fashion?
⇒ Fashion is a signature of time.

14. In your fiction design usually, the vulture’s and cat’s appliques are seen. Any special reason?
⇒ Because I have a great fascination towards unfamiliar things. The very looks of VULTURES & CATS steal my attention.

15. Favourite book of your own?
⇒ Gya (ज्ञ)

16. What would be the next, fiction or fact?
⇒ Fiction.

17. Finally, what’s GHAAT on your eyes?
⇒ GHAAT is a dead man’s dreamland, just to say in metaphor.

Thank You Shreeju for the wonderful questions. Wish you a wonderful time.



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