Could You Stand a World Devoid of Art?

“Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.” Irish Playwright George Bernard Shaw expressed this opinion in his Play Part V of Back to Methuselah: “As Far as Thought Can Reach”. Humans have been creating art from the beginning of their history – scratching away on the walls of their cave dwellings. Young babies learn to communicate with their parents, sing and dance, they start to draw and paint. And for the most part, they love it. It’s therapeutic!

What would I do without Art? What would you do? Expand the query and ask again what would civilization do without it when the very existence to human is Art itself.  It isn’t ironic anymore with the significance of Art actualized by world that We Can’t Spell ‘EARTH’ without ART.

A world without Art would be like living in a mental asylum! White walls everywhere ! No, not even white, because why bother to paint them at all ?  That in itself is dubious ‘artistic behaviour’.  No colour, no visual stimuli, apart of course from those, provided by nature.

Yes, nature would be our only escape from such an ugly world. But is Nature ample?  What does anybody look for? I would say identity, Individualism. Art promotes identity built on individualism and always manages to save humanity.

ONE: no. 31, vibration of the cosmos | abstract painting by Jackson Pollock | Expressionism

ONE: no. 31, vibration of the cosmos | abstract painting by Jackson Pollock | Expressionism

Humans shares the earth they live in, they may reject so much yet they would never want to escape the expression in their life that are painted by art. Art is not just what most people typically think of as “art.” It’s not just paintings, sculptures, music, and poetry. Art is leading well. It’s parenting well. It’s in discovery, invention, and anytime pen hits paper.

Everything you do could bear the potential to be art. Every word you speak, every idea you think up in the shower, and every time you welcome your spouse or children home has the potential to be a work of art. Imagine for a moment, a world where there is no music, no literature, poetry, with just the imagination human timeline seems devoid of ecstasy, we would lose a sense of creativity, imagination, and personality, it would be a dull, colorless and sluggish world. Art is a gift that humans are blessed with.

Life is full of suffering maybe but it doesn’t have to remain that way, in course of our life we are sometimes left alone, stranded, compelled to believe unreal stuffs and misery of existence, and it’s not always the cure per se, that heals us, it’s an idea that we can express our pain, felicity, tragedy, and communicate to the world. It has a completely separate social scene.

When we create an Art, we commit an act of empathy which is very thing this world needs. Art paves the way and provides ability to connect empathically with others, to feel with them, to care about their well-being, and to act with compassion is critical to our lives, helping us to get along, work more effectively, and thrive as a society.

How would the world without Art be exactly? Because Art is everywhere – because at the base of human history is the creative nature of the human mind, how limited our choices would be in a world without Art, no designs on anything, everything plain, no birthday cards with little illustrations, no patterns on our clothes and textiles, not even on our plates and mugs, no little flower designs there either. How about designs, how would they be?

We tend to question our existence either with conscious or sub-conscious mind because we have this innate will to affirm life not escape from it. We long to express and communicate. Communication is vital part of being and existing so expressing as one way of communication is most effective method to portray what one sees, feels and wants to convey.

In a world without art, there is no doubt we’d lose a great form of expression. In the words of Georgia O’Keeffe, “I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.” A world without art would mostly be letters and numbers. Our expression would be limited to language, math and physical demonstration. Could this be a world worth living in? Would not the world be unbearable without Art?

GUERNICA, the anti-war painting by Pablo Picasso | Cubism | Surrealism

GUERNICA, the anti-war painting by Pablo Picasso | Cubism | Surrealism

Aesthetics alongside Art is moreover important to shape the future as Art is what have always kept history, religion, documentation of important aspect of life, evidences, moments that never return, moment of kindness, humility, love, justice, courage, adventure, passion, hope, strength, wonder others lively. By keeping these things alive it has given us reasons to look forward into time to come.

Art is the universal form where the imagination of thought interacts with the physical expression of matter. Everything, is the transition from the perception of one’s awareness level into the display, whether physical or nonphysical, to encompass the totality of what we do to create the emotional basis for what we believe. The ability to communicate is one of, if not the most important way for the essentials of humanity to promote and develop as a species. There is an Art for every event under the sun. Both natural and unnatural.

The imagination is created by the uncharted malleability of our cognitive resources displayed through the acts of Art. It is the aesthetic nature to how we think. Lack or Art would be a huge blow and disheartening, The world without empathy, expression, symbol, communication. It would be too woeful to cope. When stretching this idea of a world without Art a little further, art is also the sharpest of double edged swords.

Art has the power to inspire, illuminate, and beautify the world. From the hands of someone with ill intentions, art also has the power to disenfranchise, obfuscate the truth, or even create war. Sometimes, that even is, its very intention. This is something worth considering as we create our world without art.

Our everyday objects would change as well, a door would just be a blank piece of wood, the curtain would be colorless and blank & no more clothes, just a blank piece of fabric. No more colors, no more picture, no more creativity, and no more art. This world would then become fraught with peril. Its long corridors would be empty and the only sounds we will hear would be natural. No music. No paintings. No poetry. Just people milling about their affairs.

Our life is sure a journey that starts with birth and ceases after death but it is Art what fills the journey with meaning and reasons worth continuing journey for. Universe is harsh, cruel and ugly place where Art comes to the rescue and is an escape from the torments of reality. After all, One of the Greatest Philosophers to inhabit earth, Friedrich Nietzsche put it in ‘The Will to Power’ roughly comes to the English translation from German being original, “we have art in order not to die of the truth.” Which was published posthumously by his sister.

We are able to survive because we have our ways about that but we choose to keep living because we have Art and Art is not optional to human life, it’s essential.

Per Se:
from LATIN means,
‘by itself’ / ‘on own’

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