A Monk Who Makes Films

It was while scrolling through the newsfeed, I got information about the screening of two short films in Martin Chautari, as a part of their regular film-screening organized by FISCON every Thursday. As a person who passionately loves watching and contemplating about movies, I got naturally excited. My excitement intensified further as I learnt the movies were previously screened in International Film Festivals in Busan and Locarno.

I was surprised to know the man behind the movies Shenang Gyamjo Tamang is a Buddhist monk. In both of the movies, he has portrayed the realistic landscape of Buddhist monasteries and the lives of monks. The movies flow seamlessly. Despite being a monk who spent good years of his life in monasteries, Tamang knows how to tell a story through the camera. This indeed has made him stand as a good filmmaker.

Shenang Gyamjo Tamang | Film Director

Shenang Gyamjo Tamang | Film Director

| SuperMonk |

Tashi is a little monk who prefers watching movies to participating in monastery’s rituals.
While making tea in the kitchen, he happens to encounter a Maoist boy of similar age. He’s at gunpoint.
Strangers, in the beginning, the monk and the Maoist-boy turn into friends. Their friendship unfolds in the rest of the movies, they converse in words of silence.

Understanding, Caring, Loving, Respecting and Helping each other. This union signifies the world of peace and harmony everybody dreams is not impossible.

Supermonk (2018) | Screened at Locarno Festival

Supermonk (2018) | Screened at Locarno Festival Open Door

| JHA LO: Year Of The Bird |

A little monk Tashi has so much of hatred in his heart for his chronically-ill father for he believes that his father was the reason behind mother’s demise. The boy consequently grows up with no empathy for birds and animals.
His master chooses Tashi to accompany him in the retreat centre. Perhaps his master wants Tashi as well as himself to walk in the path of self-actualization. To be free of guilts and internal conflicts.

Jha Lo (2016) | Screened at BUSAN International Film Festival

Jha Lo (2016) | Screened at BUSAN International Film Festival


Strong performances, mesmerising stories, beautiful cinematography and sound engineering and distinct screenplay all on the same screen together has actually served long-awaited taste to the platter of Nepali audiences. It is infact a beautiful indication of how Nepali movies are growing and getting to share screens on International Film Festivals. With movies like ‘White Sun’, ‘Kalo Pothi’ already set a benchmark for Nepali filmmakers, ‘SuperMonk’ and ‘Jha Lo’ are sure to continue with their legacy.

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